Tips for saving charge on your smartphone

Smartphones are indeed smart having a huge variety of function which makes them so different from the previous generation of mobile phones. There is huge gap between the possibilities these devices are offering to their users which gives a lot advantages to the users of smartphones. Still, simple cell phones which were popular some twenty years ago also had a great feature which many modern people have forgotten about. Those gadgets were able to work for a way longer time without being recharged even though their batteries were not thus advanced as the batteries of the new devices.

Fortunately, there are still some ways in which you can prolong the time between charging sessions for your mobile phone.

Bring the functioning of the screen of your smartphone to its optimum parameters

One of the most confusing functions your phone is equipped into is automatic optimisation. If you are not sure what exactly this term means, just take your phone and check whether the brightness of its screen will change when you are keeping it under sun rays and then move to a dark room with no light at all. All of the newest models of smartphones have an inbuilt feature for adapting the brightness of these devices according to the brightness of the surroundings.

What is so confusing in it? Of course, the major idea of this function is making it possible for you to be able to distinguish the information on your smartphone even if it is extremely sunny outside. Yet, at the same time, the function will also drop the brightness once it is not needed so as it will not just be more convenient for you to look at the screen but the charge will not be used thus much.

Exactly this point is making such functionality of devices pretty confusing since it might seem the system of the device is actually taking care of the battery. In the reality, such an adaptive function is using a lot of the charge of your battery. Of course, it is very convenient to use an automated function, however, you can set the brightness according to your preferences on your own and there is nothing difficult in it.

Decrease the time required by your phone to get into a sleeping mode

A sleeping mode will turn the screen of your smartphone on its own even when for some reason you will forget to do it or just fail to do it. As you can imagine, as long as the screen of your device is bright, the charge will be used by it rather intensively and, in case you are not using your smartphone and it has just happened to be left with its screen on, this is certainly not what you want to experience while trying to keep the usage of the charge minimised.

Pay your attention to the settings of the phone you have right now. It might happen that the time is already set to a rather high value and you will need to customise its value.

It is recommended to set the time to 15 seconds which is the most effective value for using your smartphone comfortably. Still, pay your attention to not set a rather low value of time as it might make the usage of your phone rather difficult. This can be particularly uncomfortable to use a phone with an extremely small time of expectation before it goes to the sleeping mode when you are reading some information and not touching the screen for a couple of moments. Keep this value minimum, however, do not use any extremely small time periods.

Choose dark wallpapers for the devices with an OLED-screen

You might not be aware of the fact the OLED technology used in modern smartphones uses the charge in different ways for keeping the light of the screen. For instance, when the colour on the screen is black, the screen actually is not glowing which reduces the amount of energy it needs for keeping the screen working. That is why, you can set the theme and wallpaper of your smartphone to the ones which have more darker colours.

Turn the vibration of your phone off

One of the every first things you can do in order to minimise the usage of energy by your phone is to turn off the vibration in the device. While you might find the general vibration which is used as a signal of receiving messages or calls might be useful if the phone has a sound turned off, in other situations it is unnecessary. It might be that the vibration is turned on in your device even when the sound itself is on. As you can imagine, there is no particular purpose in such a function then.

Many people do not pay attention to the fact their phones are also using vibration any time they are pressing a button on the keyboard while texting. There is also no practical purpose in such a function. Remember that in all of these situations your phone will be using extra charge for keeping the vibration, so it might be a good idea to resign from using it.

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  1. Unfortunately modern phones are energy hungry. I think turning off wifi when going out should work too.

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