Tips for congratulating people on important dates through social media

Congratulating people on various holidays on social networks and through messengers has already become one of the most popular ways of delivering one’s wishes because of crucial dates. Sometimes such an attention is very pleasant, however, many people are running amok with their wishes not considering any possible standards overwhelming others with their congratulations. The worst thing about that is that most of the time such people are actually not creating any genuine and sincere wishes and they are just taking any ready-to-use text with a picture and bombard all of the people who have happened to be on their friend list with such messages.

In order not to be one of such individuals or give some suggestions to your friend or relative on congratulating others online in the way which will really bring them joy, you should check this article.

Understand the meaning of an exact important event

First of all, you should understand there is a difference between important dates. Actually, it is not so easy to recall an event that absolutely everyone is celebrating except for the New Year’s Eve. Even the Christmas holidays in the countries where the catholic religion is prevailing can still be ignored by particular individuals. For that reason, you cannot exactly call this date an absolutely universal holiday. Yet, this one can still be categorised as a public holiday which cannot be said about birthdays or wedding anniversaries. As you can imagine, such events are strictly private.

There are also somewhat mixed dates for example the days of a particular occupation. On the one hand, they are universal unlike birthdays, on the other hand, they are specific for particular groups of people and cannot be applied to everyone.

In addition to it, pay close attention to various governmental celebrations which might have some opposition and not be welcomed by particular individuals.

Understanding such things is crucial not just for understanding whether a particular person is actually celebrating this date or not. It is also important for choosing the best way of delivering your congratulations which can be sent directly to a person, published on their profile publicly or published on your profile with tagging of the person you would like to congratulate.

You do not have to congratulate everyone

Even though the majority of social networks will kindly inform you of upcoming birthdays of anyone who is on your friend list unless this person has hidden his or her date of birth from the public and even suggest congratulating this person right away, you still should understand you do not have to do it. Actually, it will be a way better idea not to congratulate each and everyone especially on their Birthdays. There is simply no sense in writing a short “Happy Birthday” message to a person whom you might even not know. It will certainly not make this person feel any special attention by receiving such a plain message and fortunately, no one really expects to get wishes from all of the people they have as friends on social networks.

Write your own texts for congratulation

Even though a couple of years ago the tradition of purchasing paper cards for Birthdays and other events also used texts for congratulation created by some other people, the majority of people giving such cards still write some personalised wishes and dedication on them. With digital cards downloadable from popular websites, no one is doing anything such. By the way, many people actually believe that elegantly written poems with wishes sound a way more better than their own words. Yet, they feel like that only when they are congratulating someone else, because once a person oneself gets congratulations from someone else, it become obvious that the ones written by a person specifically for another one are more valuable than anything created by someone else.

You should also keep it in mind and do not be shy of expressing your own feelings in your wishes. Make personalised texts including the dreams the receiver has, telling about your gratitude for what this person is doing which is contributing to your life and mentioning any positive experience you are sharing whether it is a previous event or an inner joke.

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  1. For me, congratulations on the Internet have no meaning. Most of them are the same. I think people even don’t pay attention who has a birthday

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