Recommendations for prolonging the time of work of your smartphone

Modern smartphones have more optimised batteries than their predecessors which in theory, can give their users better opportunities for work, however, these devices are also equipped into a variety of the functions which have never been available to people before and all of them require energy for work. When a couple of such functions are on, they can severely decrease the time of work of your smartphone between charging sessions and this is certainly something you would like to avoid. Fortunately, it can be done without any difficulties and this article will tell you more about the options which you can optimise in your device.

Turn the animation off on your smartphone

If you are using one of the newest smartphones, you have certainly noticed the beautiful animation available in the themes of your gadget which can make the whole theme used on the phone look very aesthetic and appealing. Even if you are not using any animated wallpapers, in all likelihood, there is some animation used for changing the windows or showing you blocks with information. Yet, as you can imagine, keeping such a function requires extra energy and this is what you would like to save rather than lose.

Fortunately, it is possible to turn the animation off which can be done through the developer mode of your device. By the way, not only will your battery work for a longer time if there is no animation, but the performance of the entire smartphone will be improved. You should certainly try turning off the animation even if you believe you are not acquainted with these devices this well as this does not require any special skills.

Turn off any modules for wireless connection you are not using

There is a range of modules which might be turned on in your phone by default which are working even though you are not using. For instance, if at home you are using Wi-Fi while working with your smartphone and you do not turn it off when you are going out, this module will still be working. In such a situation it will keep on using the energy of your device while looking for Wi-Fi networks to connect. The same will happen to Bluetooth. Needless to say, there is no need to keep these functions on if you are not going to use them in any practical way.

Pay your attention the GPS module. This one might get turned on automatically by some of your apps and working on the background, this function will still heavily use the energy of your battery. As you can imagine, it will be really useful for you to keep an eye on all of these features.

Resign from graphical widgets

Graphical widgets might be of different types and while some of them seem to be pretty useful, the majority of such elements of the apps are simply unnecessary. At the same time, the amount of energy graphical widgets are consuming is rather large and resigning from them whenever it is possible will; be a great idea for anyone who would like to charge their phones less frequently. By the way, the worst widgets for your system are the ones which are constantly refreshing the information. These can be some informative widgets showing the news and certainly the most massive of them which are actualising the information about current weather. The latter one is actually an example of the most useless app which is highly recommended to be deleted right away if you do not want to overwhelm your smartphone.

Reduce the synchronisation which is constantly working in your device

One of the functions which are using a lot of energy and are not so obvious to many people is synchronisation. The newest generation of smartphones heavily relies on synchronisation which actually makes the lives of the users of such gadgets pretty simple. While all of the background processes are keeping a track of your activity on your device saving information to the cloud storages of your account so that you will be able to access it even if you do not use the same phone anymore, these processes are rather resource-consuming.

Undoubtedly, for some people resigning from the function of synchronisation might not seem appealing and make the usage of the gadget pretty difficult, you are not necessarily one of them. Experiment with your phone and check how the resign from such a function will prolong the time between charging sessions and you will be able to decide for yourself what is more important for you.