Great ideas about techno gifts you can give to your friends and family

The Christmas time is coming soon and now, it is a right time to think about the presents you are going to give to your family and friends. Certainly, electronic devices can be one of the most desirable gifts, but you do not have reach for such typical options as a smartphone or earphones. This article will give you more curious ideas for electronic devices which can be perfect presents for another person.

Crypto wallet

After seeing the tremendous success of people who have invested into cryptocurrencies, more and more people decide to invest in this modern type of a currency. It is possible, there is a serious investor among your family or friends who has already purchased several types of currency. Even though it can be managed without any particular devices, it will be a way easier to work with crypto currency if one has a special device designed in the way to manage all of the common types of cryptocurrencies and be compatible with all the major apps created for such a purpose.

Actually, there such gadgets which are popularly called physical crypto wallets. These small devices resemble of a memory stick with a small screen and they are recommended not only because of the comfort they are offering to their users but also for advanced safety. By the way, you will find models which will help you to manage over a thousand of types of the ERC20 tokens.

A smart umbrella

You have already noticed many modern goods today are becoming smart. certainly, such evolution is possible due to various additional functions added to some simple objects.

One of such new inventions you can find on the market is a smart umbrella. While it does not require any intellect for protecting a person from rain, there is a range of useful functions available due to such intellect. For example, a smart umbrella can actually predict the probability of rain informing a person with its light indicators.

Actually, some models of smart umbrellas are compatible with smartphones so they are capable of informing one about any calls and messages coming to one’s phone.

By the way, you are probably aware of the fact umbrellas are one of the most frequently lost items. In order to avoid such a situation, the designers have added a special function for informing the owner of leaving an umbrella somewhere by vibrating whenever he or she is at the distance of more than ten metres from the device.

A portable record player

In case you are looking for a present for a person who is crazy about listening to music, the task might be rather challenging. Even though there is a variety of nice gadgets available for people who love music, it is quite possible that your friend or a member of your family already has such devices. Still, it is quite possible, there is no portable record player in his or her collection.

You can come across various models of such a device. Some of the turntables are very compact allowing a person to carry them around in a rather small bag, whereas others are quite large. You can also see the difference in the appearance of such devices. While some of them are made in a very modern and futuristic style, others are more of a vintage style.

If your prefer the latter one, you should know such devices can still be portable. A great thing about making such a present to another person is that the next time you will know what to give as a present again. Certainly, the next gift can be a collection of vinyl records.