Extra features of Arturia Easel V

If you are familiar with Easel Buchla, you might certainly be curious about the way in which popular French music brand Arturia has designed the emulator of this synthesiser. Of course, the company has made its best to reproduce the initial features of this music instrument, however, it has gone even further by adding various other features to extend the functionality of the synthesiser.

This article will show you some details which the brand decided to include into the their emulator.

The presets of Arturia Easel V

You will notice something so unfamiliar right in the red keyboard section.  You will notice four strange buttons. These buttons offset the note by the preset amount that you can adjust by the four different knobs right at the top of the keyboard section on the right. All of these knobs are red. You have, of course, an arpeggiator, right at the bottom of the blue section outside the top of the keyboard section. You can set it to ascending, random to none, which is off.

Arturia has tons of presets that you can play around and check out. This is a great place to look at if you did not want to just wait for the patch up from the ground and checking out the existing sound Easel V is capable of.


Note that the original Easel is a monophonic synthesizer. Meaning you not able to play chords. Playing chords will cancel out the first notes. Fortunately, Arturia has taken care of this issue and made it polyphony by adding a little button you can find at the bottom left of the software UI. You are able to select between 2 to 4 note polyphony.

More added features

Of course, you have the extra rich features that is always provided by Arturia to you. You can do magic with these under the hood features. This can tremendously boost the soundscape of your Easel V to the next level. You can use modulation and other kind of stuff, with things like left, right hand, gravity and effects sections.

Gravity is a really fun feature you can try out. You can do some EMS Synthi-like features with the help of this section and bring out the Synthi like craziness with an x, y controller and so.

Arturia has done a fantastic job, bringing in the classic Buchla to the modern age with the touch of Arturia extensive features. The kind of sound you can bring with an Easel V relies only on your imagination.